Dusteroo! The greatest cleaning device since the invention of the broom!

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Dozens of uses around the home make this an indispensable tool for your Spring cleaning chores.  Perfect for the garden, garage, shop and patio. What could be easier?  A simple flick of the wrist and the Dusteroo instantly cleans accumulated dust and debris away in seconds.

The Original Dusteroo! dusting tool The Dusteroo! dusting tool

Better than a feather duster, more durable than a Swiffer, nothing cleans dusty surfaces better or faster than the original Dusteroo!  So easy to use, dusting won't feel like a chore anymore. 

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Good for your Health

Did you know that household chores are good for your health? We don't just shed pounds when exercising, we shed them at home too by doing daily household jobs. So how many calories do we burn doing household chores?

Dusting - Five minutes of dusting using a circular motion with each arm provides a workout that's equal to a set of tricep dips!

Simple household dusting burns 300 calories an hour, just think what the Dusteroo can do for you!

The Dusterootoo! Heavy Duty
The DusterooToo! dusting tool

Shop Safety - Keeping a Clean Shop

Working around power tools can be perfectly safe provided you work with care. A messy shop is an accident waiting to happen. Loose power cords, scrap wood and sawdust present safety hazards. The best way to prevent an accident is to keep your work environment neat and tidy, and the Dusteroo! is just the tool to help.

Additional cleaning tips from the Dusteroo!

The Dusteroo is made from the softest Peruvian cotton available, adding to the value of this cleaning tool. While not designed for most for inside jobs, the Dusteroo works wonders for even the most challenging outdoor projects.

Please visit our “Uses” page to see what it can do for you, and don't leave without having a look at all of the helpful Dusteroo! dusting tips that will reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning!

Ridding yourself of allergens is easy, take a look at this Dusteroo! tip

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